Dichotomy of the Shadow [a Pokemon fan comic]

"Hey there! Have you been looking for a riveting story with impressive character writing, battles so intense they'll cut your breath short and plot twists that will make your jaw drop down the street? You have..? Me too actually. If you find one, tell me, I'd like to read it. In the meanwhile, you can read this one story about my path to become an artist, a warrior.. and a hero. Cheesy? Yes. Over the top? Totally. Unoriginal? Absolutely! But you'll find it engaging. At least I would!" New pages every Wednesday! But not really cause I'm lazy so usually they're ready on Thursday Or Friday Look I post whenever I post really

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Thursday, 24 January,2019 - 21:1931

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Lucky02, Thursday, 24 January,2019 - 20:1931

Change to Black and white!

Guys, write me down what you think of the new style cause I feel like there's ton of room for improvement here

Advertisement, Friday, 20 September,2019 - 13:0430

Lucky02, Friday, 25 January,2019 - 01:0831

@Emc_502: Yes, the shading is harsh cause it's night and they're in a room with no lighting, there's only the moonlight and Zack's fire coming from outside XP
I agree with the rest, go back to page 22 to look at where he is, and *damnit, forgot to draw it*
Thanks for all the feedback man, if you got more tell me, it really helps

User Comments:

Emc_502, Thursday, 24 January,2019 - 20:2931

in the last panel, loc's scarf just kinda like


Emc_502, Thursday, 24 January,2019 - 20:2931

I have more, but i just wanted to throw that out there

Emc_502, Thursday, 24 January,2019 - 20:3831

there isn't much to judge here, but it looks pretty good

my only critique is that I can't really tell what's going on in the bottom panel due to the placement of the dialog bubbles obscuring what loc's supposed to be jumping onto

Emc_502, Thursday, 24 January,2019 - 20:4131

And I don't know if its intentional or not, but the shading is pretty harsh, but I think that's just because its night, and so during the day I think you should tone it down a bit

Emc_502, Friday, 25 January,2019 - 05:2431

@Lucky02: I'll try to look out for more in the next few pages!

__M__, Sunday, 27 January,2019 - 01:5731

Black background all of a sudden?Boy he ded
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